From general portraits, to those portraying feeling and emotion.

Creative Views

Views that could be part of a fairy tale.

Flowers & Nature

We are surrounded by it in one form or another, yet most of us take little notice... the plant life, or those who live closer to the plants than us.

My speciality is mainly portraiture focusing on emotion and expression of a person – the overall atmosphere of her/his surroundings that may somehow influence the former. Though, I also produce the more general portrait, like those one would see taken at school or at the office, for example.

I also undertake other types of photography. Landscapes, product illustration (food, jewelry and branding) and creating abstract like works.

The works shown in my portfolio are just a basic example of what I do. Some photos from my portfolio, among other work, will be available, once my Website is fully up and running again, for purchase in a number of photo sizes and print finishes. Photo frames/mounts in various styles and sizes will also be available for purchase in the shop.