Photo By Rob H Photographic

Locality: Arlesey, Bedfordshire UK

Photography for me began in my late childhood, however, I took it much further in the late nineteen nineties, following forces retirement. Tasked then with taking photos for product catalogues, I also had ambitions to take photography much, much further. Working with people, Landscapes and macro for example.

Unfortunately, illness took over long-term, so, sadly taking photography further was never realised then. Although now, I am currently in early stages of recovery and life rebuilding, it is a greater opportunity as any, to build on my once lost photographic ambitions, my passion.

I am always interested in subjects that are often overlooked by most. Subjects like feeling, emotion and expression of a person – the overall atmosphere of her/his surroundings that may somehow influence the former. Other subjects like those everyday objects that are so common, that they go unseen. I intend to capture those things in some of my photos, hopefully inspiring my viewers to think more about what is around them.

As a photographer, I am not going to be bound just to the above mentioned subjects only, but will extend my work to portfolio building shoots, landscapes and illustration. In the not too distant future, I will be looking to undertake wedding shoots, but with a different style from the norm.

As I find myself, once again at the portfolio building stage, I fully understand the need to be cost conscious without cutting any corners – of which could prove fatal later. So, with that, if you are just starting out as a model, singer, artist or anyone else that needs professional photographs to add to your portfolio, I am willing to undertake the shoot for minimal contribution.

In addition, given that I have had my own health issues, I fully understand that ones financial status is far from great during any kind of illness – be it, physical or/and mental illness/injury – I have had the misfortune of suffering both, hence my understanding. It is highly likely – as anyone else would wish, that you could have the more pleasant memories preserved photographically. I will, again, undertake your photographic needs under these circumstances for minimum contribution.

If you would like to hire, feel free to contact me via the Contact Us link in the site menu.

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